The Best Rekey Locks in Washington DC

It is a good idea to have your locks rekeyed regularly. This is a simple process and it makes your property safer.

Rekey Locks Washington DC is the cheaper alternative to replacing a lock. It’s also a great option for people who have lost their keys or recently moved into a new home.

Rekeying a Lock

If your key won’t turn in the lock, you need to call a locksmith for rekeying. This process rekeys the lock to work with a different key, without replacing the entire lock mechanism. It works on single-cylinder pin tumbler locks, such as doorknobs, levers, and deadbolts.

Rekeying is less expensive than changing the locks and is often much faster too. This makes it a popular choice for landlords, apartment managers, and Airbnb hosts who need to restrict access to their properties.

But it’s also a great option for homeowners who have recently moved into a home, lost their keys, or want to match all of their locksets to one key for convenience. And it’s something that most American Home Shield home warranties cover. Understanding when to rekey a lock and when to change it instead is crucial to keeping your property secure.

Rekeying a Deadbolt

If you have a deadbolt that opens with an old key, rekeying it is a quick and affordable way to improve your home security. This service changes the tumblers inside your lock so that only the new key works with it. This helps keep out people you gave keys to and prevents you from forgetting a spare key on your wallet.

Most door knobs and levers, as well as some deadbolts, use a pin and tumbler system. There are two sets of pins set within the plug: the driver pins and the key pins. The key pins have varying lengths and allow a specific key shape to insert and turn the cylinder.

To rekey a lock, you need to purchase a rekeying kit for the brand of your lock. The kit will include various tools to aid in the removal of the lock and a set of key pins that match the cut of your new key.

Rekeying a Lever

Rekeying is a less costly and quicker option than replacing locks. Whether you just moved into a new home, have lost your keys or just want to reduce the number of keys on your keychain, we can rekey all of your exterior and interior doors to match one key.

Most door knobs and levers, as well as some deadbolts, are pin and tumbler locks. This means they have a cylindrical plug with pins set at varying lengths. When a key is inserted into the lock, the pins are pushed up and down to align with the depth of the cuts on the key, which then allows the plug to turn.

To rekey a door knob or lever, you’ll need a rekey kit specific to your brand of lock (or at least one that matches the pins inside your lock). A key gauge is also helpful to find out the bitting size of your lock; insert the key and read where it stops on the gauge.

Rekeying a Doorknob

Many doorknobs, levers and deadbolts have a keyed lock. These locks contain a cylindrical plug with pins of varying lengths to allow a specific cut key shape to insert and turn the lock. When rekeying, we remove these pins and replace them with ones that match the key you wish to use. This process is done in a few steps and can be completed at home with a rekeying kit.

Start by removing the knob from the lock cylinder. Then, using the rekeying kit tool that comes with it, remove the thin retainer ring from the cylinder.

Rekeying is a great way to enhance security on an existing property. Whether it’s to prevent a former owner, tenant or employee from having access to your property or you just want to lighten your full key ring, rekeying is worth it. It’s also very affordable and quick to do. Invest in yourself and your home or business today.